Udavum Karangal believes that everyone deserves to be loved. There have been many unfortunate brethren, from new born babies to dying destitute who have found a home here. The centre provides individualized services – treatment, care, rehabilitation and education. We also reach out to the community needs.


Incredible as it may seem, some children are abandoned. They may be Spastic, HIV+ or normal, they are the heart of Udavum Karangal. There are homes and schools where they are nurtured…Read More

The Mentally ill

Udavum Karangal believes that everyone deserves to be loved. There have been many unfortunate brethren, from new born babies to dying destitute who have found a home here…Read More

Mental Health Care

There is stigma and superstition attached to mental illness, especially in rural and tribal areas. A mentally ill person is often chained up for want of facilities…Read More

Homeless Elderly People

Once they were parents and heads of their family. When they are old and no longer productive, they end up on the street. Udavum Karangal rescues them and gives them a life of dignity…Read More

Community Outreach

Jeevan Community College of Nursing, Computer and Tailoring classes and Creche are agents of women’s empowerment. Gayathri Sevai Maiyam brings a ray of hope to the slum dwellers….Read More

Community Health Care

When a daily- wage earner falls ill and medical help becomes unaffordable, his future and that of his family becomes bleak. Gayathri Hospital brings solace to such poor persons…Read More

Sri Gayathri Medical Mission & Research Foundation

Good health is the foundation for a happy life. Poverty, pollution, malnutrition and unhygienic surroundings prevent people from enjoying a healthy life.

The main projects of Udavum Karangal are located in Thiruverkadu where there is a significant population of migrants and economically backward people. Addressing their health issues is a priority for Udavum Karangal. Since 2009, Udavum Karangal’s Sri Gayathri Medical Mission and Research Foundation has been running an Out- patient Clinic in Thiruverkadu. Over a period of time we felt the need for a community Hospital in this area and thus emerged…. Gayathri Hospital, a dream project of Udavum Karangal. Join us in this endeavor to bring affordable health- care to those in need.

Unseen Happiness


Ms. Vatsalya

Ms. Vatsalya

A baby-girl was thrown out of a moving train. One leg was so badly damaged,that it had to be amputated. Today, 19 year old Vatsalya with a prosthetic leg is a good

Mr. Sethu

Mr. Sethu

Sethu was reunited with his mother who had waited for him for 20 years, without losing hope. Udavum Karangal has the most amazing Book of Life, each chapter has an inspiring story.

Ms. Ayesha

Ms. Ayesha

A month after her marriage, young Ayesha was set on fire and thrown on the street. She was rescued and given treatment. Today , she is a loving care- giver to the aged and mentally ill women.


Not everyone need to be a Social Worker. You can help the suffering humanity through us. There are many ways you can partner with us. Donate generously and make a difference in someone’s life.

our various schemes

Vidya Dhanam – Gift of Education

Anna Dhanam – Gift of food

Feeding Endowments

Child Sponsorship Schemes (Yearly)

Child Sponsorship Endowment-one Time



Jeevan Community College

Started in 2007, the aim of Jeevan School of Nursing was to provide a good career option to girls from middle and lower income families. The minimum education qualification is 10th Std pass. It is now known as Jeevan Community College and is affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Open University.


Teachers’ Day Celebration in Udavum Karangal Schools

Ramakrishna Vidya Niketan & Jeevan School for Special Children in Chennai and Sree Ramakrishna Vidya Mandir in Coimbatore celebrated the Teachers’ Day on September 5th. Best performing teachers and meritorious students were recognized and rewarded.


Kannan’s Story

Kannan has a long and interesting association with Udavum Karangal. He was first admitted in 1998 at the age of 28, referred by the Chairman of Velappanchavadi Panchayat. He ran away after 3 months, was readmitted in 2001. He ran away again after 11 months… Read More


For A secure future of our children