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Udavum Karangal is an Indian non-profit organisation, registered under societies act taking care of orphaned and abandoned children and provides them basic rights to survival, protection, education, healthcare and a happy childhood. Giving us strength and support are people like you. Each one contributing whatever they can. For the last 30 years Udavum Karangal has transformed the lives of so many children who are otherwise left on the streets. Contributions from people like you have made it possible for Udavum Karangal to do this. Donations to Udavum Karangal are eligible for tax exemption under section 80 G of Income Tax Act ( applicable in India only) and Donations to Udavum Karangal of USA are tax exempted under IRS 501c(Applicable for US residents).

“Charity is the only sound investment you can make because it has guaranteed returns.”
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