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We are trying to identify the whereabouts of the following persons who are presently taken care by us, if you can identify them kindly contact us.

B. Anuradha
Approximate age when found-24
Current age-36
With us since-24/04/1999
Found Place-Chennai
Father: Balasubramanyam
Mother: V.Kamakshi
Husband name: Sunderrajan
Approximate age when found-25
Current age-31
With us since-30/05/2005
Found Place-Chennai
Father: Abdul Sattar
Mother: Sitara
Husband name: Karwa
Nearest police station: Abagarh
Samrat Bipin Bihari Prasad
Approximate age when found-30 yrs
Current age-32
With us since-8/02/2008
Found Place- Transferred from an NGO in Kerala
Father name/add- Late.Ganesh Prasad,
Mother: Janakishori Devi
Approximate age when found: Around 40 years
With us since- 03.07.08
Current age-43
Found place-Chennai
Father name /add: late.Mari Sabar Anthony Muthu
Kadambur-pin 628714 near Kayathar- Tamilnadu

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